Youth Ambassador Contest

Oct 15, 2016

Angel Rivera, Contact Center Representative at Widget Financial, was recently named the Erie Chapter of Credit Unions Youth Ambassador at the chapters annual Youth Ambassador Contest!

The contest is designed to select a candidate to represent the Erie Chapter of Credit Unions at the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association’s (PCUAs) statewide Youth Ambassador Contest.

The PCUA developed the Contest in 1976 to help young people learn about the history, philosophy and operation of credit unions.

Participants gain experience in meeting and interacting with others, and public speaking — skills that bring career opportunities. For more than 30 years, the contest is still opening doors for life-long credit union careers.

The Youth Ambassador promotes youth marketing, as well as the benefits of the contest. They speak at Association-sponsored education sessions and leadership conferences, and attend chapter meetings and other special events. The state winner also serves as a role model to encourage young people to participate in their credit unions.

Chapter board members attempted to replicate the state level competition as closely as possible. Contestants where tested on Credit Union knowledge, interviewed by a panel of judges and presented a three minute speech to leaders from across the Credit Union movement.